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About Us

LEHREN has completed 26 entertaining years now. Bollywood, specially, has just 

not been the same since 1987 when Lehren got launched. A lot happened with the 

advent of Lehren. The so-called Stars/Actors who were hitherto unreachable and 

untouchable, who had a surreal image, suddenly seemed human and believable. 

They say that the 100 years of Indian Film industry has two parts to it….one before 

Lehren and the other after Lehren…!! The innovative concept called Lehren swept the 

entire country and specially the Entertainment world like a huge tidal wave. Today 

there are millions of me too, making it almost generic in nature. But the brand Lehren 

stills rules the roost. It still boasts of rare and exclusive archival library spanning 25 

years. It still has the same if not more, brand recall…and it still publishes the best and 

most viewed content across the digital platforms in the world. 

Lehren had set up a template, 25 years ago, which got duplicated down the years 

across media houses, television channels and digital outfits. But, as they say, the 

flavor of Lehren has always held its own. The sheer quality and authenticity of the 

content, the simplicity of news dissemination and a global brand connect makes 

Lehren the favorite destination for all entertainment news guzzlers.